On June 29, the BMC’s 8 Man Senior Team lost a cliff-hanger to Edinburgh, in a series of spirited matches at Braemar. The Tim Smith- Steve Bloomquist team led the way, winning all three points in their match, and the Mike Longman-Mike Kavanaugh team also distinguished themselves, winning two points. Valiantly succumbing to stiff competition from Edinburgh was the Bob Peterson-Steve Olsonoski team and the Steve DeVolder-Perry Leenders team. In the Peterson-Olsonoski match, one of the Edinburgh players fired a blistering 71– and the competitive spirit of the match wasn’t diminished by one of Edinburgh’s players refusing to believe that our very own Steve Olsonoski was in fact the famed pro wrestler from the 1980s known as Steve O. Following the match, it was noted that, while Steve’s opponent was in good form, he was no Andre the Giant or Jesse Ventura. The BMC’s 8 Man team is looking forward to turning things around when they take on Highland, at Highland National, on July 20.