Based on positive feedback from last year, The Virtual 19th Hole,
for the second consecutive season, is naming a BMC Champion Golfer of the Year

Learn about the 2023 nominees and champion below, but first, here are a few preliminaries—especially for those who are wondering how you can choose, from so many talented BMC golfers, a single champion? A fair question!

So… for starters, picture an alchemist, holed up in his laboratory, trying to divine a hard-sought solution from a bubbling brew– in this case, a mix of objective performance statistics, seasoned with some serious golf gravitas, with maybe a pinch or two of compelling intangibles added into the mix. Does that clear things up?

If not, then, to clarify– the way for a player to become the BMC Champion Golfer of the Year is through his notable on-course achievements, his consistently solid play over the season, and his active participation in BMC competitions. Also, importantly, this award is about more than naming a single champion, it’s also about honoring the accomplishments of all the nominees, each of whom had an impressive season.

So, without further ado, here are the nominees selected by The Virtual 19th Hole for 2023 BMC Champion Golfer of the Year:

Nick Adams: Nick is the BMC’s 2023 Club Champion.  Over the two days of the Club Championship, playing from Braemar’s championship tees, Nick shot a one-over total of 145, beating second-place finisher Cutter Tylia by a stroke. Nick is a fourth-year BMC member, plays on our 16-Man Traveling Team and is in Wednesday League. He sports a USGA handicap of plus .8.  Bear in mind that sightings of BMC members with plus-handicaps are about as rare as bluebird sightings on the 16th hole.

Cutter Tyllia:  For the second consecutive year, Cutter placed second in the Club Championship, coming in with a total of 146 this year and missing out on a play-off by a single shot.  A 10-year BMC member, Cutter plays on our 16-Man Traveling Team and is in Wednesday League. Like Nick Adams, Cutter sports a plus USGA handicap—in his case, a plus .3.  This summer Cutter also qualified for the MGA Players Championship, one of only two BMC members, along with Mike Wangen, to do so.

Bill Angel:  Bill had yet another good season in 2023 and for the second straight year shot his age—both times from Braemar’s E tees.  Most recently, Bill did it on August 31 in regular Thursday League play when, at age 73, he posted a sizzling 70.  Among his other highlights this year, Bill had a hole-in-one, playing at Bunker Hills on October 21 (and coming right on top of an ace by fellow member John Miller). In the season long competition for Best Weekly winnings in the A Flight, Bill came in third. Besides Thursday League and Best Weekly, Bill also plays on our 8-Man Senior Team.  He carries a USGA handicap of 5.7.

Tom Sampson:  As selected by The Virtual 19th Hole, Tom is the reigning BMC Champion Golfer of the Year, having set a new course record of 68 during the 2022 Super Seniors Club Championship, playing from the N tees.  This year, despite health challenges early in the season, Tom regained his form as the summer wore on and wound up taking third place in the gross score competition of the Super Seniors division, carding a 72 on the second day.  Tom is a 10-year BMC member, plays in Tuesday League, and carries a USGA handicap of 9.3.

Marty Weber: Marty is a 20-year BMC member who plays in Wednesday League, Tuesday League, Saturday Stroke Play, 4 Ball, Individual Match Play and Best Weekly.  This year Marty’s accomplishments were many: his Tuesday League team came in first; in the Club Championship’s Senior Flight division he tied for third in the net score competition; he came in second in the season-long competition for Best Weekly winnings in the B Flight; and he came in second in the Ed White Shoot-Out. Marty carries a USGA handicap of 9.9.

Tim Smith:  This year Tim, for the second time, became the BMC’s Senior Club Champion, shooting a two-day total of 152.  In heated competition, Tim bested first-year member Steve Henry by a single shot and longstanding member Mike Longman by two. Also, Tim took second place this year (to Steve Bloomquist) in the season-long competition for Best Weekly winnings in the A Flight. An 11-year BMC member, Tim also plays on our 8-Man Senior Team and in Wednesday League.  For many years Tim served on the BMC board, including a stint as Secretary, and has for years served as the League Coordinator for Best Weekly. Tim carries a USGA handicap of 4.6.

Like last year, the BMC has produced an impressive slate of candidates to be BMC Champion Golfer of the Year.  And, like last year, selecting this year’s champion was no easy task, but it’s worth highlighting that, as part of this process, some compelling intangibles rose to the surface— things besides being a consistently excellent golfer. Things like always playing by the rules without being heavy handed or strident about it; things like being an even keeled player who can control his temper; things like respecting the game and its traditions; and things like always being a welcome addition to any foursome. These are also qualities of a true champion.

Taking all that into account, The Virtual 19th Hole is pleased to announce its selection of the 2023 BMC Golfer of the Year: Tim Smith.

Congrats, Tim— well deserved! And congrats to all the nominees for the impressive seasons they had!

Dick Helde
Editor, The Virtual 19th Hole

Tim Smith: the 2023 BMC Champion Golfer of the Year