Drew Cripps at the 4th Hole, site of his albatross

Earlier this year, BMC history was made when second year member Taylor Smith accomplished one of golf’s most improbable feats: a double eagle.  The albatross came on number 4, courtesy of a strong tailwind and a beautiful 9-iron second shot that rolled into the hole.

Well, who would have imagined that, before the year was out, this accomplishment would be equaled, again on number 4?

The second albatross of the year came during the Ed White Shoot-Out on September 24, accomplished again from the D tees.  And this time it was long-time BMC member Drew Cripps who did the deed.

Drew had qualified for the EW Shoot-out by participating in both of our major events this year, the Spring Stag and the Club Championship, as well as in Tuesday League, Thursday League and Best Weekly.  But, as he headed to the first tee, Drew was, in his own telling, feeling a bit nervous.  And perhaps it was his case of the jitters that led him to struggle through his first three holes, carding a triple bogey on number 2 and a double bogey on number 3.  Nevertheless, the great game of golf had some excitement in store for Drew that was going to more than make up for those earlier travails.  So, as he stood on the 4th tee, Drew’s anger at the prior two holes motivated him.  He took his time standing over the ball (no surprise for those of us who have played with the Drew Man).  And, sure enough, his drive sailed long and straight down the middle of the fairway.  But even so, with a steady headwind, he still faced 225 yards to the hole for his second shot.  Crediting Thursday teammate Rick Danmeier for his oft-repeated advice to slow down his swing, Drew took a deep breath and made a smooth pass at the ball with his 2-hybrid.  His shot cut through the wind nicely and headed just right of the middle-left pin position, bounced left, rolled towards the hole—and in it went.  High fives and a photo shoot followed and, needless to say, the albatross contributed to this being one of our more memorable EW Shoot-Outs ever.  Not to mention a memory that Drew won’t ever forget.

Congrats, Drew!

Dick Helde
Past President, BMC
Editor, The Virtual 19th Hole