Bill Coleman, a long time BMC Member and volunteer, recently passed away. His obituary can be found in the Thursday May 27 print edition of the Star Tribune, with a more extensive version in the Star Tribune’s on-line edition.

A long-time BMC member, Bill was recognized in 2019 as a Distinguished Member of the BMC, principally for the invaluable assistance he provided in developing our new website. It started with my idea that automating our registrations for memberships, leagues, tournaments, etc. would be a good idea. I was naive enough to think it would be simple. Then reality hit, and the call for help went out. Bill responded and responded with enthusiasm. Over the next few weeks, I realized I was over my head and Bill brought calm and reason to the project.

The result is what we have today. A website that functions far and beyond what we originally imagined. Of all the lessons he provided me, the one that stands out is testing, testing, testing. All scenarios. A few of you are aware that, despite all the testing, you can rarely cover all bases and all scenarios. But, under Bill’s mentoring, that lesson will stay with me for my lifetime. Test, Test. Double check, Double check. Given the lack of complaints over the past year or so, I think his message has been received.

On behalf of the entire BMC, our thoughts go out to Bill’s family.

Although a Memorial Service is currently in the planning stages, a date has not yet been set. Arrangements are being made through the Cremation Society of Minnesota.


Tim Nord

BMC Administrator and Website Administrator