On this page, we recognize those who have contributed to the success of the BMC. Whether it be Past Presidents who have contributed their time, Club Champions who have contributed their talent, the many members who have supported the BMC with their continued membership over the years or those members that have been recognized as Distinguished Members who have gone beyond the call of duty, each and every one of those mentioned on this page has helped to make the BMC what it is today.

2016 Ryder Cup – Hazeltine National GC

One of the most memorable events throughout the history of the BMC was marshaling the 11th hole during the 2016 Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National GC in Chaska. It was a week that produced countless memories and brought big smiles to this group of BMC Volunteers. Pictures don’t lie!!!

Special thanks to Jim Platt for making this happen. When this opportunity arose, it was decided, rightfully, that the people invited be present volunteers or those who had significantly done so in the past. In total, there are 10 Past Presidents, a Treasurer who has an unlimited term, multiple members who consistently run our leagues and events and an octogenarian who consistently shoots his age.

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