Did you know that the BMC sponsors traveling teams that compete each year in metro-wide season championships, played in a gross score match play format?  The BMC’s 16 Man Team features our most accomplished golfers, sporting handicaps in most cases of 6 or less.  The BMC’s 8 Man Senior Team is a bit different, being limited to players 55 and older.  For both traveling teams most matches are hotly contested and include some of the top amateur golfers belonging to the metro area’s MPGA-sponsored clubs.

For each traveling team, the captain chooses players for each upcoming match from among an active roster, where, among those available, those with the lowest handicaps play.

16 Man team

Our 16 man Team started the year with two very competitive matches, each ending up in a close loss.  The first, on May 15, was against Chaska, with a final score of 11.5 to 12.5, and the second, on June 5, was against Hiawatha, with a final score of 11 to 13.  Stepping up their game, the Boys from Braemar won handily against New Prague on June 26, 14.5 to 9.5.  Perhaps this match marked the start of a winning streak for our guys?

The 16 man team is scheduled to play one more match, against Chaska, on August 7, played at Chaska Town Course.  That match will end the regular season.  To make the play-offs, the team will need to win that match.  Playoffs start September 11 with the championship match scheduled for September 25.  Stay tuned!

In addition to captain Tim Deutsch, the most active members of our current 16 man Team include Bryan Francis, Steve Bloomquist, Jack Bloomquist, Ryan Vaterlaus, Alex Hintz, Mike Longman, Mike Kavanaugh, Tim Smith, Chris Eckes, Matt Johnson, Jared Hillman, Michael Kraft, Phil Smith, Steven Kraft, and Cutter Tyllia.

8 Man team

The 8 Man Team, like our 16 Man Team, started the season with particularly tough matches, including home and away competitions against Edinburgh, which is currently undefeated, but has since recorded two wins and a tie.  Their most recent victory was against winless Brookview, played at Braemar, with a decisive final score of 10.5 to 1.5.  The next match is also against Brookview, at Brookview. If the 8 Man Team can beat Brookview in that match, their chances of making the play-offs are good.

In addition to captain Mike Kavanaugh, the roster for the 8 man team features Dave Draxler, Joe O’Neill, Scott Eckes, Tim Smith, Mike Longman, John Miller, Bob Peterson, Bill Angel, Steve Devolder, Tom Russell and Hans Rasmussen.

Kudos to the Boys from Braemar Whenever you get a chance, give our guys a thumbs-up for staunchly representing the BMC in tough competitive play.  They’ve earned our support!