This is a Classic!!

Zoom in close and you’ll see Nick Adam’s birdie putt on 11 actually dropping into the hole. One shot, thank you very much!

Club Championship Leader Group – 16 Green

Cutter Tyllia, Bryan Francis, Ryan Vaterlaus and Nick Adams

Masters Leader Group – 4 Green

John Miller, Steve Olsonoski, Tom Sampson. No Dick Helde! Where is he?

Does the birdie drop on 15?

Tyler Burmeister

Attempting an Up and Down on 14

Bill Angel

A frozen rope approach on 16

Ryan Vaterlaus

Letting the Big Dog Eat on 12.

Cutter Tyllia

Excellent Form on the 16th Tee

Tyler Coyne (I think??? Someone please feel free to correct me.)

One Final Approach!

Joe O’Neill

From a place many of us have never been.

The New 17th Championship Tee box.

What is it? 200 yards?

And the rest of the pics.