Do you have a favorite hole?  A hole where, for whatever reason, you always seem to be feeling it as you tee it up?  Trusted sources report that Doug Pernula definitely does:  it’s Braemar’s Lucky Number 7.

Maybe you like No. 7 too?  If so, chances are you’ll have a way to go to match Doug’s mastery of the hole. In Thursday League play on May 11, for the second time in as many years, Doug aced Lucky 7.

Recall that last year, as reported by The Virtual 19th Hole, two other BMC members also aced Lucky No. 7: Chris Reeves and Kevin Lawless.  But it’s now come to light that there was another ace, one that went unreported. That was on September 22, 2022, when Doug made a hole-in-one on Number 7.  And now again, in Thursday League play on May 11, Doug repeated that feat.

In 2022, with the help of a strong tail wind, Doug’s wedge shot headed straight toward the flagstick.  But with the pin positioned front right, no one in the foursome was able to actually see where the ball wound up.  Nevertheless, after he struck the shot, Doug commented “That has a chance to go in.”  That’s a guy who knows what he’s talking about.

Last Thursday, with the flagstick back left and the wind in his face, Doug pulled 6-iron.  But, once again, no one in the group was able to see the ball come to rest.  As members of his foursome had begun searching in the native grass behind the green, someone thought to check the bottom of the cup.  Sure enough! Doug favors playing from Braemar’s D tees and currently carries a 5.2 USGA handicap.  And, while he’s used to hitting his approach shots at the stick, the oddsmakers are betting heavily against another hole ever edging out Lucky 7 as Doug’s favorite.