Greg Hasper celebrates a special gift on his birthday: his first-ever eagle, compliments of Braemar’s 8th hole.


It’s no secret that BMC members card their fair share of eagles– and, last year, two members even made double eagles, Taylor Smith on Thursday League’s opening day and Drew Cripps on Tuesday League’s last day of the season.  Bookends! So, don’t expect this year to be much different.

Birthday present

May 7 was opening day for Tuesday League and Greg Hasper was looking forward to reconnecting with his BMC golf buddies. Besides, May 7 was his 59th birthday– and what better way to celebrate than on the links? But coming off hip surgery, Greg harbored no giddy expectations for the round. Testing out the new hip, and bearing in mind his 22 handicap, Greg approached the first hole with playing partner Brian Janni having chosen to play the I tees. Sure enough, the round did not get off to an auspicious start, with Greg struggling to a triple bogey on the first hole. And yet… by the time he reached number eight, Greg felt his game coming around. But even a nice drive right down the middle didn’t prepare him for what came next.  Hitting his second shot from 210 yards out, Greg’s three wood just cleared the far lip of the fairway bunker, and that’s when the fun began. The ball rolled resolutely onto the green and came to rest no more than five feet from the hole.  Giving himself a birthday present he won’t soon forget, Greg then rolled in the knee knocker en route to a 2-up victory against opponent Bob Gleason. His first-ever eagle!   We can only assume that Bob appreciates the integral role he played in making this birthday one of Greg’s most memorable ever.

Happy 59th, Greg—and many happy returns!

Another one just like the other one

Coincidentally, just as the ink was drying on the above story– but before it was posted to the website— something unexpected was about to change the story from Greg’s Special Birthday Present to Eagles Land on Number 8.

On May 16, yours truly played on our 4-Man Over-70 Team in a match against Fountain Valley. We started off on the back nine. Dr. Bob Peterson and I played in the first foursome and were faring well but, as we headed to the eighth tee, we had not yet closed out our match. I drove first on number 8 and my drive headed a bit to the right—but wound up taking a fortuitous bounce off the cart path right onto the fairway. From 190 yards out, I hit a solidly struck 4-hybrid and Doc Peterson seemed impressed, but from our vantage point we couldn’t see the result.  Turns out the ball rolled to within 18 inches of the cup. And after I tapped in for a three, the eighth hole had recorded its second 2024 eagle just nine days after the first from Mr. Hasper–unless, of course, there have been any others not yet accounted for?

The more the merrier

If you or a golf buddy makes an eagle, you know who to call.  Because wouldn’t it be fun to keep track of our BMC eagles over the course of the season?  The BMC Eagle Club is now looking for new members!

Dick Helde
Editor, The Virtual 19th Hole