Earlier this fall The Virtual 19th Hole announced a BMC first– the official establishment of a club for BMC members who accomplish one of golf’s most memorable feats—shooting your age. At that time, the club, The Age Shooters of the BMC, inducted 2023 members Bob Devereaux, Rollie Schlichting, Bill Angel, Tom Sampson and Jim Peterson and congratulated Bob and Rollie on repeating their earlier 2023 age-shooting exploits.

The Age Shooters of the BMC Is now pleased to announce the induction of its newest member, Fred Williamson.  On September 7, in regular Thursday League play, Fred shot a 76, his age on the number.

And in the meanwhile, Larry Fyten, 84, has repeated his earlier feat by shooting an 83 at Ridges at Sand Creek on September 26.  In fact, word has it that Larry has shot his age several other times this year as well, so Larry is giving Bob Devereaux a run for his money as the BMC member who does it most frequently.

The table below presents the current 2023 inductees into The Age Shooters of the BMC—the guys who have shot their age this year and who have come to the attention of The Virtual 19th Hole:

BMC MemberScore
Larry Fyten84
Larry Fyten (again)83 (and others?)
Gene Nord84
Rollie Schlichting76
Tom Sampson72
Rollie Schlichting (again)76
Bob Devereaux(too many to list individually)
Jim Peterson80
Bill Angel70
Fred Williamson76

To shoot your age is obviously a personal triumph for anyone who manages to accomplish it, but, when you think about it, doing so is also a testament to how the game of golf uniquely provides players, as the years and decades pass, opportunities to reach longstanding goals they couldn’t meet when they were younger: it’s a game that keeps on giving.

And remember: if you or a golf buddy manages to shoot your age, let me know. The Age Shooters of the BMC is always on the lookout for new members.  Maybe the next inductee will be you or one of your buddies.

Dick Helde
Past President, BMC
Editor, The Virtual 19th Hole