One of the most thrilling experiences in golf is holing out from off the green.  Whether it’s a hole-in-one (which two BMC members have done so far this year!), or a chip-in from just off the green, a hole-out is a stroke saver like no other.

I had the pleasure of watching two outstanding chip-ins this year, one from Thursday playing partner Mark Schmidt and one from Tuesday League opponent Greg Johnson.

Mark’s was on the 15th hole, where his approach shot settled just short of the green on the left side.  The flagstick was lower right, meaning Mark had to chip slightly uphill to the putting surface and then gauge his pace carefully as the ball would pick up serious speed rolling down into the bowl where the cup was cut.  Mark pitched the ball up onto the green, where it landed softly, trickled down the slope and rolled right into the middle for birdie.

Greg’s chip-in was on the second hole and was even more impressive.  His tee shot came up short and right and so Greg had to pitch the ball up to a steeply elevated putting surface to a middle left flagstick.  From where he was standing the flagstick was almost completely blind.  Greg pitched the ball perfectly over the rise, where it rolled with perfect speed like a putt– right into the hole.  What a birdie!

I’ve had some good fortune myself with hole-outs this year.  Twice I’ve holed out from off the green and each time it was on number 10.  The first was from 50 yards for eagle and the second was from just off the green– for par.  That chip-in followed a duffed drive, a fat iron from the rough, and a thin approach shot, coming up short and right of the green.  What a way to make par– and what a stroke-saver!

All these hole-outs raise tantalizing questions: Who else has holed out this year?  And from where? Anyone else holed out more than once?

Send me your stories on hole-outs.  We want your name to go up in lights on this page!

Dick Helde
Past BMC President
Editor, The Virtual 19th Hole