BMC Member Larry Fyten has shot his age!  Congrats to Larry on accomplishing a feat that will forever elude most of us.

A 15-year member, Larry did not wait long to find mid-season form this year.  On May 4, in the first official Thursday League round of the season, Larry shot a smooth 84, playing from the I tees.  And while The Virtual 19th Hole is not disclosing Larry’s precise age, his foursome will be required to sign an affidavit, enforceable by the County Attorney’s Office, that it’s no lower than his score.

Which brings up a related point.

When Braemar’s championship course was rebuilt several years ago a number of specific ideas guided the redesign.  One of them was to overcome a glaring deficiency of the prior layout by providing the new course with multiple tee boxes.  The idea was to better accommodate golfers of all abilities, ages and levels of interest.  Now, with six different teeing locations on every hole, the course offers players a multitude of options, as many as any golf course in Minnesota.  Bombers can play a nearly 7,000-yard track and seniors, juniors and others are able to play as manageable a course as they may want.

This forward planning has paid off, as each of the course’s many tee boxes now gets significant use.  And one of the benefits: older players can continue playing their favorite game well into their 80s and even 90s.

Last year The Virtual 19th Hole reported on how numerous BMC members shot their age, and they did so from virtually every tee box, from A to E.  Many of those who did were in their 80s and even their 90s.

This year Larry, who currently carries a 16.2 USGA handicap, is the first BMC member to come to the attention of this page who shot his age.    Congrats again to Larry on a great round!

And congrats also to Braemar for designing a golf course that accommodates golfers of all ages and abilities.

Dick Helde
Past BMC President and Editor, The Virtual 19th Hole