Continuing a long tradition of service to our members, this year the BMC is using our patented high resolution satellite imagery to help our cost-conscious golfers save on the sky-rocketing cost of golf balls.  As the photos below illustrate, now is the time to retrieve those lost—or, rather, temporarily misplaced–Pro V1s, Callaways and Noodles from last season.  In the first photo, taken to the right of the 10th fairway, several balls allegedly bearing Treasurer Mark Schmidt’s markings have been impossible to identify. The other photo appears to show several tee shots nestled in the rough over the 10th green reportedly hit by former Club Champion Bryan Francis— from the Championship tee.  Wait: can anyone really hit it that far?  In any case, as with any found ball in the rough, someone else’s loss can be your gain: finders’ keepers, losers’ weepers.

Remarkably, detailed imagery confirms that not a single ball in the rough belongs to Tim Smith– making Mr. Smith, the BMC’s current VP and runner-up in last year’s Senior Club Championship, our least wayward golfer from 2022.  Congrats, Mr. Smith!

The beauty of a spring burn— ignoring the unfortunate aesthetics—is the opportunity it gives our members to reclaim last year’s least favorite shots while the balls themselves continue to maintain a relatively spherical shape.  Better hurry, though, before another year obscures your markings and makes them more difficult to decipher.