Posts from earlier this year reported that, in 2023 to that point in the year, two BMC members had shot their age: Larry Fyten, with an 84 at Braemar, and Gene Nord, with an 84 at Montgomery National.

Now we can add two more BMC members to the list of 2023 Age Shooters: Bob Devereaux, who, now in his mid-nineties, shoots his age so routinely it’s hardly even news anymore, and Rollie Schlichting, who carded a 76 in Thursday League play on June 29.  As to his first-ever Age Shoot, Rollie had this to say, “I guess it’s going to continue to get easier the older I get, but my body tells me maybe not.”  Perhaps a sense of humor is a contributing factor?

Stay tuned to see if our list of 2023 Age Shooters continues to grow as the season wears on– the odds appearing to be high that it will.

Dick Helde
Past BMC President and Editor, The Virtual 19th Hole