On April 29, the BMC revived a tradition that was suspended last year due to the pandemic: the New Member/ Board Member Event.  Altogether thirty-five new members teamed up with current and past board members to play Braemar’s Front 9 and get an introduction to the Club.  It was a fine spring afternoon, although northerly winds were at gale-force.  Among the highlights, new member Rick Pollock was able to card a 38.  Bombers Ryan Vaterlaus, Kris Sveum and Matt Forsman demonstrated the ease with which our par fives can be reached in two but struggled with the early season lack of speed to convert their birdie putts. BMC Secretary Tim Smith, who accompanied the trio, declined to assist with reading the greens, observing that the new guys should learn to read the greens by themselves. 

New member Brian Moline (second from left) completes his new member initiation following the obligatory written examination on the Rules of Golf and hazing at the New Member Board Member Event on April 29.  Also pictured, from left to right: Dick Helde, President; Mark Schmidt, Treasurer; and Perry Leenders, Past President.  Brian correctly noted that a one-stroke penalty is invoked for rolling your ball. High-powered satellite cameras recently installed by the BMC will be monitoring compliance at future competitions, starting with the Spring Stag. 

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