With the conclusion of the Club Championships, the Ed White Shoot-Out and official league play, the BMC’s 2022 season is now pretty well in the books.  And an excellent golf season it was!

Updates and highlights:

Club Championships

This year, for the first time ever, the BMC and Braemar held our championships jointly.  The two-day events were played on September 17 and 18, and BMC members were able to compete in both events simultaneously for the price of one.

The course was in immaculate condition and both days were graced with beautiful fall weather. The events were impressively well run, with Braemar staff wowing the participants with first class treatment all the way.  Nearly 150 golfers took part (including players in the special Sunday events for women and juniors).  Among the men, BMC members constituted over half the field– and did more than hold their own.

Bill Angel took first place in the Senior Championships, for both the BMC and Braemar, in each case by a single stroke.  Yours truly took first place in both Senior Flight Championships. And Tom Sampson ran away with both Super Seniors competitions, carding a sizzling four under.  In the overall Club Championships, Michael Kraft and Cutter Tylia did the Club proud, each carding a two-day total of one over, and were bested in the Braemar Club Championship only by Mr. Josh Korth, a non-BMC member, who posted a mind-boggling six under.  In the separate BMC Club Championship, Mr. Kraft prevailed over Mr. Tylia in sudden death.  For more highlights and photos, go to the “Events” page on the website and scroll down to “Club Championships.”

Ed White Shoot-Out

This year’s champion was Tim Smith, who outlasted a strong field in an updated format.  Congratulations, Mr. Smith!  For more details, go to the “Member Zone” on the website and scroll down to “Ed White Shoot-Out.”

Traveling Teams

Our traveling teams each had another good year in 2022. 

The 16 Man team, featuring the BMC’s elite golfers, played tough all year against strong competition, narrowly missing out on the play-offs after a spirited final match against Chaska.  With loads of talent, the 16 Man Team holds out high hopes for a successful 2023 season.

The 8 Man Senior Team fought their way into the play-offs this year by winning a tie-breaker against Baker National.  In the play-offs, the 8 Man team faced Monticello, and played well, but Monticello prevailed.  All in all, a very successful 2022 season for the BMC 8 Man Senior Team.  Odds-makers favor the 8 Man Team making the play-offs again next year.

Our Metro Seniors team also had an excellent year, finishing in second place in their 14 team league, with a final record of 8 wins, 4 losses and a tie.  For highlights, go to the “Traveling Teams” page on the website.

We Shot our Age

Several BMC Members shot their age this year:

    Bill Angel (72), from the E tees.

    Rollie Schlichting (two 74s—one shot lower than his age), from the I tees.

    Dick Helde (71), from the I tees.

    Bob Devereaux (numerous times under 95), from the N tees.

And if I missed anyone, I’d love to be corrected—let me know.

Chip Shots and Knee Knockers

Various other highlights (and lowlights) from 2022:

Greg Johnson suggests that anyone who wants to make a hole-in-one next year play with him.  Kevin Lawless (whose ace was in a Tuesday league match against Greg) doesn’t disagree.

Bill Angel thinks it’s heavenly to shoot your age (in Bill’s case, even par).

Joe Gensch, facing escalating costs of new home construction in Arizona, is looking for volunteers who like warm weather and have carpentry skills.

Rick Danmeier proposes a solution for anyone who’s struggling with some part of their game: try practicing.

Mark Schmidt challenges any BMC member to wear louder shorts than his next year.  Rick Ites has already accepted the challenge.

Jim Peterson reminds all golfers who encounter difficulties on the course to watch their language (“Do as I say, not as I do”).

Frank Macgowan points out that, if you’re impeded by an immovable obstruction, like the electrical box on Number 10 (just left and short of the green), you get a free drop.

Steve Bloomquist wants to hear from you if you miss playing the old track.

And Yours truly thinks that, as much fun as it is to play the game, it just wouldn’t be the same if we couldn’t tell our tales afterwards.

Have a great off-season!

Dick Helde
BMC Past President
Editor, The Virtual 19th Hole