When Braemar’s Championship course was reimagined several years ago, a guiding principle was developing multiple tee boxes to accommodate all types of golfers, from top amateurs to juniors, and everyone in between.  Now, with six boxes on every hole, there’s certainly no dearth of choices. In contrast, recall that in Braemar’s former layout, virtually everyone teed off from the same box.

The Virtual 19th Hole decided to do a little research to see how this range of options has been working out for BMC members.

For starters, recall that all Wednesday League golfers play from the E Tees and that means around 80 out of a total membership of around 335 play those tees every week in their 9-hole league play.  And in Tuesday League the players can choose their tee boxes on the spot so on any given week these choices can vary.

But Thursday League, with 96 golfers playing each week and with handicaps ranging across the board, should provide a pretty representative sample.  So, here’s where those players teed it up, on average, over the last two weeks:

              E Tees: 7 players
              D Tess: 34 players
              I Tees: 36 players
              N Tees: 15 players
              A Tees: 4 players

Seems like the numbers speak for themselves: BMC golfers are making the most of the options the course provides them.

So, what’s your favorite box? And how do you compare with other BMC members? If you’re curious, now you have a better idea.

Dick Helde
Past BMC President and Editor, The Virtual 19th Hole