The Welcome Committee

Mike Casserly, Matt Johnson, Tim Smith and Mark Schmidt. Player Dave Reynolds in front.

Fine tuning the Flat Sticks….

….and the Big Sticks.

Rick Ites and Bill Angel.

This one went about 320!

Ryan Vaterlaus

10th Green. First hole for these guys.

Cutter Tyllia Ronan Burns, Ryan Vaterlaus and Bryan Francis.

Hole 11 Green

Joe O’Neill, Brian Klass, Brian Burns and Steve Bloomquist.

The Calm before the 13th Storm.

Jesse Sterner, Mark Skubic, Jon Whitcomb and Matt Olson

The Nasty, Nasty, 14th Pin Placement.

Corey Ross, Tyler Burmeister, Robert Anthonson and Tyler Coyne.

16th Tee Box. What line do I take?

Sean Johnston, Chris Reeves and Tim Deutsch.

12th Tee. Some of our elder Statesmen.

Bob Devereaux, Tom Ekkers, Mark Litman and Michael Platt.

13th Green. Another Nasty Pin.

Matt Johnson, Nick Adams, Bill Angel and Tim Smith.

5th Green. Hardest hole on the course.

Rick Ites, Larry Fyten, Dave Reynolds and Kerry Stevens.

5th Tee. One of these guys already had 2 birdies!!!

Rick Windham, Steve Tanner, Jack Hughes and Bob Malby

6th Green. Dave Stevenson Holes a bomb.

Okay. It was about 20 feet. Dick Helde, Steve Olsonoski and Tom Sampson watch.

7th Green. Lower Level today.

Chip Fuhrmann, James Meunier and John Miller watch Greg Baron’s attempt.

8th Green.

Scott Nelson, Greg Wright and Steve Scott watch Bill Hull’s attempt.

9th Green. A slippery 2 footer.

Brandon Murphy, Jeff Schultz Nick Stepka and Steve Molloy

11th Tee Box. Another Calm before the storm.

James Chaska, Matt Van Dyke, Andrew Cripps and Bo Fung