Taylor Smith makes double eagle on number 4.

On Tuesday, May 2, opening night for the 2023 Tuesday League season, second-year BMC member Taylor Smith accomplished one of golf’s most difficult feats by making a double eagle on the fourth hole.  Playing from the D Tees and assisted by a strong wind out of the north, Taylor crushed his drive, leaving only a 9-iron approach for his second shot.  The albatross, a personal first for Taylor, was achieved by landing his approach shot between the last bunker on the right and the front of the green, with the ball taking a leftward bounce down the slope toward the hole and eventually settling into the bottom of the cup.  In the meanwhile, Taylor’s partner, Vince Bradford, made birdie on the same hole, with the twosome completing the fourth hole in 4-under between the two of them.  Obviously on his game that night, Taylor also got closest to the pin on number 3.

It hasn’t taken Taylor long to establish himself in the BMC’s longstanding annals, with a feat that may never be matched.  And undoubtedly it won’t take long for Taylor to leave his current 13.1 USGA handicap in the dust. 

Befitting BMC tradition, this rare golf achievement was rewarded with hearty congratulations from teammate Bradford and a perfect score for the night of 6 points.  Beyond that, the record doesn’t disclose whether complementary beverages were offered at the 19th Hole.

Maintaining an accurate record of the Club’s history is always a work in progress and inherently dependent on oral history, so while we believe this albatross was a first, please weigh in if you know of any other double eagles made by BMC members over the years.  In the meanwhile, we’re crediting Mr. Smith, at the very least, with one of the BMC’s all-time noteworthy accomplishments.

Dick Helde
Past BMC President and Editor, The Virtual 19th Hole